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Relationship issues?

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Kent Counselling for Men - Professional counselling services for men.  Help for anger management, stress management, relationship issues, addiction, low self-esteem and mid-life crisis.

The Abbey Place Clinic, 5 The Chapel, Abbey Place, Faversham, Kent.  ME13 7BG.

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What is anger and how can I deal with it?

Violence, aggression, bullying, shouting, abusiveness, hostile threats. Anger has been linked to depression, anxiety, self-harm, physical health problems, and criminal behavior. It destroys careers, breaks up relationships and ruins friendships.

A fresh approach to anger

Unlike “anger management” techniques (like counting to ten, blasting away in the gym or meditating), Kent Counselling for Men asks a simple question:

Why are you angry?

An obvious question, maybe, but if you are angry then you must be angry for a reason. Anger only becomes a problem when it is mis-directed or inappropriately expressed.

Anger Management Counselling in Kent

How can I help?

In the sessions you will learn: